Case Management

Our case management system converts email, social and online contact into a manageable queue with the ability to assign and monitor ticket progress amongst your customer service agents.

Sometimes a site has to go down for maintenance or a server error occurs that
nobody could foresee. When this happens customers want answers and turn to customer support.
Call and chat volumes rise and agents try to keep on top of the situation but with every agent assuring customers in their own words, there is bound to be confusion. But with Inbenta a canned response can be created by the first agent, allowing AI and machine learning assess the answer and then push it to other agents. The answer will rise to the top of the list of automatic responses an agent can give the more it is used, ensuring consistent information across your organization.

Why have call center agents deal with mundane queries when a chatbot or FAQ is just as effective? For the more complex questions, your agents must be armed with the right information and the means to duplicate their efforts across channels.

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Key features:

  • Easily manage customer inquiries
  • Easy support ticket management
  • Enhanced with NLP, machine learning and AI
  • Manage Email, Social and Chat requests all in one system
  • Instant answers, canned responses and AI suggestions make answering questions easy
  • Marketing and user collaterals are easily searchable
  • Explore conversations with total granularity (session, dialog, questions, answers…)
  • Live monitoring of call center agents as they work
  • Supervisor tools for escalation and intervention if necessary
  • Measure agents, self-service and conversion rates in one dashboard
  • Gap analysis makes seeing where you need content simple
  • Powerful Software Development Kit for web based integration
  • AI sentiment analysis to help classify tickets easily
  • Easily gauge customer feedback through surveys
  • Inbenta HyperChat easily connects you to your customers

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Inbenta Case Management is seamlessly linked to Inbenta Knowledge Management. Based on natural language processing, AI and machine learning this system works like a brain, learning new information as it is needed while older information is still easy to find but not shown as so relevant. The system can also connect to back end transactional systems via solid webhook architecture.

Increase customer self service by up to 98% while reducing call centre contact by 50% with Inbenta Case Management

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Case Management Brochure