Virtual Assistant

InbentaBot with virtual assistant

The Inbenta Virtual Assistant instantly answers your customers’ questions across your website, SMS, messaging and mobile apps, peer-to-peer communities, kiosks and beyond. An AI self-service, automated agent that can powerfully enhance the customer experience via text- and speech-based (with voice processing) engagement.

7 virtual assistant highlights

• Responds instantly to your customers’ questions
• Delivers content and performs transactions
• Acts as the initial customer contact in support of live agents
• Understands natural language and flow of conversation
• Eliminates the need for customers to scroll through FAQs
• Allows for global integration across our 25+ languages
• Enhances all your online channels and lowers help costs

The virtual experience with a real-world feel

We’ve connected the Inbenta Virtual Assistant, sometimes referred to as a virtual customer assistant (VCA), to our artificial intelligence backed semantic search platform, so it can turn your content (knowledge bases, FAQs, CRM) to an interactive, human language conversation with your customers.

An evolution in customer service and support

Designed to be autonomous, intelligent and engaging, our virtual assistant ensures your customer service and support will never be the same. Not only can you customise the virtual assistant to fit your business needs, our AI backend means that your customers no longer have to scroll pages and pages of FAQs to get what they need.

Goodbye keywords, hello NLP

Designed with Inbenta Natural Language Processing, our virtual assistants employ an easy-to-use interface that’s available when and where your users need it. Welcome to amazing customer service between the real world and virtual reality. And the end of old keyword models. 10 more reasons to integrate the Inbenta Virtual Assistant

  • Integrates with your voice-enabled technology, which decreases the need for typed interventions and can help you grow a new target audience
  • Works with sensor-based wearables and other smart machine technology
  • Pulls customer data through backstage analytics that can be turned into user suggestions and actions
  • Diverts more customer conversations away from your call centre
  • Enriches customer interactions and greatly reduce calls, chat and email inquiries and save on per voice engagement
  • Especially powerful for customer service and support in banking, hospitality, retail and telecom
  • Scalable for omnichannel environments, where customers can interact between channels and application logic is shared simultaneously
  • Can be deployed for employee-facing engagement
  • Can help gain more big data around customer sentiment
  • 25% of all customer service and support will be using virtual assistants across channels in 2020, up from 2% in 2015