Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis

Inbenta's Sentiment Analysis instantly tells you how your customers feel, and what they think about their experience with your brand. Using NLP, Inbenta helps you track consumer reviews and feedback in your support tickets, incoming emails and across social media channels, so you can gauge and enhance the customer experience in real time.

4 sentiment analysis highlights:

• Know the customer's sentiment quickly, in real time
• Reduce negative and neutral reviews and feedback
• Learn which of your products and services are most popular
• Enhance the online experience for your customers

Sentiment analysis equals more happy customers

If you do business across multiple sales channels then you know the importance today of customer reviews or any sort of online feedback for that matter. With sentiment analysis, you’ll now have a powerful tool that instantly categorises everything as positive, negative or neutral, so you can take action as it happens.

The best way to know how people view your brand

The sheer volume of customer reviews, comments and opinions can make moderating, monitoring and responding a huge task which may require a big investment in time, money and employees. But those days are over, thanks to sentiment analysis, built to instantly understand what customers are saying in support tickets, incoming emails and content and interactions across all of your social media channels. Now that’s something to be happy about.

Check out this great client example: