Semantic Search

Enterprise Search with semantic search

How intelligent is your search engine? Inbenta Semantic Search is forward thinking because it understands natural language, which delivers faster, more accurate results. Multilingual and highly scalable, our platform incorporates the latest in natural language processing (NLP) and the meaning-text theory (MTT), which we customise to your company’s needs. The result is a search engine that’s powerful and intelligent beyond anything you or your customers have experienced.

6 semantic search highlights:

  • Offer pinpoint answers
  • Helps customers immediately
  • Provides maximum answer relevancy
  • Robust for big enterprise
  • Increase your customer insight
  • Easy to integrate

Out with the old, in with the new

Old search engines don’t understand natural language. If there’s a lot of redundant email traffic, it’s likely because people are struggling to find answers on the website. Questions flood the support centre — and because it operates on an older search engine — agents struggle to find answers to both common and more challenging support issues. Inbenta has the solution.

Meet the Inbenta Semantic Search Engine

If you want to drastically reduce or eliminate your customer wait times and increase the speed of support team responses, our semantic search engine will cut down on response times and decrease the number of support emails. How, you ask? Because this powerful technology comprehends the intent behind customers’ questions, so it will deliver more accurate, relevant answers without live agent intervention.

Adaptive and easy to integrate and deploy

Our intelligent adaptive learning technology will reduce the amount of common, repetitive questions agents frequently answer, which will lower customer support costs and increase help desk productivity. Designed to be integrated quickly, we can scale and deploy it on most enterprise architectures.

Instant customer service that’s customised

Our intelligent search engine intuitively creates a personal online experience that’s unsurpassed when connected with our other self-service features. Whether we employ instant answers or build a 24/7 virtual concierge for your website, you get to decide how your customers consume your content and experience your brand.

Give your support centre great support

Our technology cuts down on support emails by answering questions before they ever reach your contact centre. Integrating semantic search is the best way you can empower agents to instantly answer tickets that do make it through because it acts as the first line of defence against heavy email volume to your customer support centre. It’s the perfect AI solution to automate many resources – and time-consuming functions, which in turn will increase agent response times and enhance the overall customer experience.

Semantic search is a great find

Choose Inbenta to upgrade or update your search engine and enhance your customer service and support. Your team will appreciate semantic search because it’s easy to integrate and robust for enterprise, and your customers will love it because it’ll give them answers immediately, with pinpoint accuracy and maximum relevancy.