Instant Answers

Enterprise Search with instant answers

Instant answers is a highly intelligent content delivery system that rapidly automates answers for common questions. The moment your customer types a question for a ticket, instant answers provides relevant options to choose from, so there’s no need for them to contact your customer support centre for help.

4 instant answer highlights:

  • Gives correct answers before ticket submission
  • Decreases incoming tickets by 80%
  • Increases your live agents’ productivity
  • Lowers your customer support costs

Accurate options as your customers type

No more redundant questions. With instant answers, you’ll be able to reduce support ticket traffic by up to 80%. A number that leads the industry, and ups the level of customer care. From now on, when a web visitor asks a question, a list of potential answers appear immediately.

Less agent stress, more customers impressed

Right away, this real-time reduction in site traffic will allow your live customer support team to hone in on fewer, less typical search queries and thus provide better and faster customer service. You cut down on time and money spent, and improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Instant customer satisfaction, no waiting

It’s all about giving customers what they need, making sure they feel they’re your number one priority. Keyword search can’t accomplish that. Instant answers does, because it understands the meaning behind the words, ranking answers by priority through intuitive NLP. Plus, with our award-winning semantic search engine, you’ll have a better idea of what customers are looking for.