Hybrid Chat

InbentaBot with hybrid chat

Our virtual assistant, InbentaBot, will enhance your customer service experience even more when you add hybrid chat. For example, if a customer isn’t finding what they need, the InbentaBot Avatar will instantly open a conversation with your live support agent, transferring all of the details of the conversation up until that point. This flexible option keeps the entire experience fluid for both customer and your support staff, to ensure a positive outcome every time.

5 hybrid chat highlights:

  • Customers get accurate answers quickly and easily
  • InbentaBot can transfer customers to a live agent
  • The entire context of the conversation is shared
  • Hybrid Chat is AI-fueled by Inbenta NLP
  • This efficient, effective tech reduces support costs

How hybrid chat helps your customers, part 1

Using Inbenta Hybrid Chat, your customers who seek help support will immediately see an interactive “help” window appear on the homepage of your website. Once engaged, they’re greeted by your InbentaBot Avatar, which can be programmed by us to speak questions and responses. As your customer begins typing their question(s) into the chat box the InbentaBot accesses your knowledge base to find the most relevant answer(s) based on NLP.

How hybrid chat helps your customers, part 2

If your customer is satisfied with their search results they simply close out of the chat box window and continue their journey. If the InbentaBot is unable to help them find what they’re looking for, the hybrid chat feature connects them to one of your live support agents. Instantly the full conversation is sent to the live agent so they can pick up the conversation where it left off in the original search. The customer never has to repeat themselves and the experience ends with a positive outcome.

Inbenta customers who swear by hybrid chat

It’s a list that includes Ticketbis and Volotea Airlines, as well as Opus Research, who had this to say about the hybrid chat feature:

“Our research shows that a growing number of customers actually prefer self-service channels to answer questions, resolve issues or complete transactions. Yet automated handling often hits limitations when it comes to handling complex queries or ‘remembering’ information previously mentioned in a conversation,” says Dan Miller, Opus Research lead analyst. “As intelligent assistant technology evolves; we anticipate the emergence of highly specialised ‘intelligent advisors’ that know when and how to involve a live agent. Inbenta’s Hybrid Chat is the beginning of this progress.”

Here is a sample chat: