Dynamic FAQs

Enterprise Search with dynamic FAQs

Inbenta Dynamic FAQ is a highly responsive search feature that uses our award-winning semantic search technology. When your customer asks a question, instead of listing possible answers from keyword searches, dynamic FAQs provides dynamic, accurate answers that take users directly to the source page for exactly what they seek — no matter how they form the question. The right answers, right now, through intelligent software that understands the nuances of natural human conversation.

3 dynamic FAQ highlights:

  • It has answers before customers contact support
  • Learns about customer preferences with every interaction
  • Cuts down your ticket traffic and lowers support staff cost

Better technology

The first step is expert linguists at Inbenta custom-build a structured, rich and exhaustive knowledge database according to your business needs. Then continually enrich the dynamic FAQ feature and its knowledge database according to the evolving needs and tastes of your customers.

Better customer service

You’ll get up to 85% of your customers’ questions answered with pinpoint accuracy and relevance. Which will without a doubt, greatly enhance the customer experience, customer retention and customer support.

Better outcomes

Simple inquiries through email and phone make up 80% of all customer questions. Dynamic FAQs will change all that, addressing these very questions through your newly enhanced knowledge base. There’s no better time.