Category Tree

Enterprise Search with category tree

For site content, there’s no better way to branch out than with Inbenta's Category Tree. It’s a great feature what will give your customer support agents faster response times because it lets you break down and store your content in specific categories that are easily retrievable when agents need it the most. Once integrated, the category tree optimises and displays the most popular content across your web, tablet and mobile sites and social media channels, which speed up content retrieval for customer support.

4 category tree highlights:

  • Organised content is generated seamlessly
  • Easy to update and maintain
  • Is completely device-agnostic
  • Offers contextualised Top 5 FAQs

Organise, grow and optimise boundless content

Not only will the Inbenta knowledge management system’s category tree organise all your content so customer support can easily locate it, the scalability lets you create an infinite number of categories and subcategories. As your content grows, Inbenta’s Category Tree optimises. You can easily position your content with the built-in hierarchical system. Accessible in the “tree” option of Backstage Analytics, it helps you to stay up to date on what content is most effective on your site. So rather than sifting through pages, your agents will have better browsing ability, with content listed based on what’s most important.

Promote your most popular content with Top 5 and 10

The category tree will enable you to display content based on what’s most often clicked, so you know what the hottest topics are for your fans and communities. Plus everything is implemented universally using our content management system, so it looks great no matter the website style or rendering style in the user interface.