InbentaBot with Avatar

The future of customer service is now. Meet the Inbenta Virtual Assistant, also known as the InbentaBot with Avatar — artificial intelligence interaction that’s as real as it gets. Why now? Because your customers expect an instant answer to their question the moment they hit enter in your site search. In a world where Google has reinvented the interactive experience, chatbots are redefining online customer service. Your customer service and support will be more engaging, intuitive and faster than ever.


6 avatar highlights:

Human-like conversation because it understands natural language
Intelligent, accurate instant answers and site guidance
Great tool for customers who want a face-to-face experience
Easily integrates with any voice recognition app
Instantly enhances your online channels
Great outcomes will boost customer reviews


Not all avatars are created equal

Ours is powered by AI-fueled semantic search technology, which will give your customers an engaging face-to-face connection that feels very human, with great outcomes, be it content and product searches, reservation bookings, cart checkouts, etc. People want to be able to communicate their needs and have them met, even if it’s a machine. There’s no better way than with a great site host that’s the first line of customer connection.

Personalise the customer experience how you envision it

Your InbentaBot with Avatar will chat, create dialogue exchange, and answer questions naturally, so instead of having to fill out a support ticket, site visitors will have the online experience they imagined, and feel valued at the same time.

Customer support that’s affordable and productive

It can be a challenge to figure out budgeting for a larger support team. Which is why the InbentaBot with Avatar is a productive built-in solution that makes perfect sense. With our leading-edge model at the helm, your support staff will have the backup support they’ve been asking for. Which translates to lower call volume and less stress on live support due to redundant tickets.