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Our Enterprise Search solution works like a search engine just for your site, with more power and a greater depth of understanding for your business. Because Inbenta Search can understand what your customers say rather than just scanning for keywords, it delivers more accurate results.

Powerful Enterprise Search = the right answers.

It’s that simple.


If your customers can’t find something on your website, or your staff can’t find the info they need in your knowledge base, you need a better search engine.

Can your current search understand jargon, misspelling and long tail searches? In the online world, you have one chance with the customer.
If they don’t get the result they want they will go to another website.
But what if the information they were looking for was there all along?


“An average office worker can spend up to 2.5 hours
a day searching for information.”

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“Inbenta has gone above and beyond to provide this. The product has helped over 90% of incoming users find answers on our support page.”


For office staff and customer-facing positions, any reduction in the amount of time spent searching for answers will benefit your business. Machine learning takes the extra step by understanding the best answers and offering recommendations based on propensity, making life easier for your staff and customers.

Elegant, easy-to-navigate dashboards and tabs.

  • Track the progress of a project
  • Maintain & edit knowledge bases
  • Process support tickets
  • Easily manage content
  • Look up answers
  • Respond to questions

“SEO is important for customers to find you. But once they have, your on-site search needs to return the right results to customer questions.”

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The customer is always right.

Make sure the same is true
of their search results.

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