Knowledge Management System

Inbenta’s Knowledge Management System makes it easy to have all the information you need in one place. Control your information and make sure that your customers can ask questions and get the right answer.

Data becomes more valuable every day and being able to utilise it to make informed decisions is crucial. Inbenta's Knowledge Management System puts the data you need at your fingertips because Inbenta uses NLP technology to truly understand information tagging, classifying and grouping; content and answers are automatic.
Easy access to structured data makes every part of your organisation better informed and agiler.

Capture every conversation into your corporate memory, eliminating the need to “reinvent the wheel” for each customer and ensuring information consistency across your organization.

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Key features

  • Automatic classification
  • Semantic clustering and discovery tools
  • Corporate memory
  • Concise clear reporting
  • Federated reporting and knowledge center search
  • Versioning of data (to easily see changes and progression)
  • Workflows and structure management tools
  • Java, API and help center integration
  • A flexible CMS for your help center
  • Semantic clustering for easy categorisation

See how it works

Our content creation tools are intuitive so your agents can start creating support articles quickly. You can import all your existing content, create new content in HTML or text formats and organize everything using our customisable category trees. You can create a different profile to limit content to certain users, and track the performance of every FAQ using our analytics tools, and always find what they want.

It’s easy to upload any existing content and assets into the system.
Once everything is indexed, Inbenta’s Knowledge Management System search makes it a breeze to find them. Response times will improve while support centre workloads will decrease.

Using the data from our analytics tool, you’ll be able to continually refine your knowledge base based on your customers’ behavior and set new market strategies to deliver customer satisfaction. Clearly see what information is used, how often and to answer which questions.

Increase customer self-service by up to 98% while reducing call centre contact by 50%

The customer is always right.

Make sure the same is true
of their search results.

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Knowledge Management System Brochure