InContact Integration

Integration for inContact

Inbenta gives organisations the ability to integrate AI-powered chatbot technology to their inContact cloud contact centre software.

Conversational chatbot technology via the inCloud Marketplace gives inContact's enterprise customers the most advanced chatbot/virtual agent experience. Our technology uniquely combines artificial intelligence with natural language processing; the result for inContact users is a hybrid chatbot functionality that learns over time, based on customer questions, to increase customer happiness and improve call resolution.


inContact Integration Highlights

  •  Uses natural language processing to interact and understand human     conversation
  •  Seamlessly transfers to a live agent providing full details of the chat
  •  Available in over 25 languages
  •  Expert linguistic support
  •  Easy setup with instant results

“Inbenta AI-powered chatbot technology is transformative. It takes customer self-serve to a new level for everything from purchases to customer support, drawing from knowledge bases, FAQs and other enterprise systems,”

Rajeev Shrivastava, Chief Strategy Officer for inContact

inContact makes it easy and affordable for organisations around the globe to create stand-out customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. inContact continuously innovates and is the only provider to offer a complete customer interaction platform in the cloud that is flexible, scalable and reliable for enterprise, small business, government and business process outsourcers. inContact is a part of NICE, the worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions.

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