Desk Integration

Integrations for Desk

Integrations with Desk through the power of Inbenta Semantic Search will take your self-service rates to new heights. It’s a surefire way to grow your knowledge base into a 24/7 support platform that’s tailor made for your users' searches and questions.

Desk Integration
4 reasons to say yes.


NLP understands

Our AI-fueled NLP understands the human meaning behind search words in Desk.


Refines and Strengthens

This powerful integration will refine your existing knowledge base and strengthen it like never before.


Improve self-service

With Desk integration from Inbenta, your customers will enjoy an industry-leading self-service rate.


Backstage Analytics

Our robust solution augments Desk analytics by monitoring and measuring a broad range of data in real time.


Customers get immediate, relevant answers

Integrate and you’ll optimise self-service rates and support in minutes. With Inbenta Semantic Search, that means accurate answers to your customers’ search queries right away, so they can quickly find the products, services and content they came to your website for. Already use Perfect, now you can turn your knowledge base into a feature customised to your users.

25+ languages, 65% fewer tickets

Choose our full integration or add to your existing knowledge base, and you’ll optimise self-service rates and lower support costs. It’s a real win-win that’ll decrease user wait times and incoming tickets by as much as 65%. The easiest Desk integration solution on the market, now available in over 25 languages, with Inbenta

Backstage Analytics included
at no extra cost.

Supercharge your support

"Once we implemented Inbenta for our online customer support, we reduced our incoming emails by nearly 90%! This was a critical shift for the business since we not only provide excellent online customer service now but also have more time to focus on growing the core business."

Christina Sembel, Farmgirl Flowers Founder