Long Tail SEO

E-commerce with long-tail SEO

Long-tail SEO requests make up 80% of e-commerce searches. That’s huge. In fact, 4 to 5 keywords (a long-tail search) is much more effective than just 2 keywords (a short-tail request), because traffic from long tail will be higher quality and thus shoppers are more likely to buy. Yet another example that customers are more advanced in the decision-making and the purchase process than ever. And that’s good for business.

6 long-tail SEO highlights:

  • Grows your web presence
  • Creates SEO pages automatically
  • Collects search data
  • Continually updates
  • Knows your audiences
  • Boosts site traffic


Your online store needs to be found, easily

With 8 of 10 e-commerce searches being long tail, Inbenta E-Commerce Search is one of the most effective traffic-building approaches you can take. Our long-tail SEO page generator gives your e-commerce search the incredible power to collect, index, create and optimise content from customer questions for Google. In turn, the Google Automatic SEO generator collects your user’s search queries and creates content-rich SEO landing pages to drive even more traffic back to your site.

Ensure more business, naturally

Inbenta Long-Tail SEO continues to be a big success because of NLP and semantic technologies which are built to have the capacity to see, find and access what is desired. It can also recover information, understand user intention and provide results with the highest relevancy.

Searches that lead to happier customers

When you have content that’s easily accessed, you’ll see an increase in traffic and a change in behaviour from your customers. Visitors will come to your site more often because you’ve facilitated a faster exchange by offering instant information. When this happens, you increase the number of visitors who may only be going there for a quick answer. Integrate our long tail SEO and watch the rise in the number of visitors, web presence, higher quality traffic and happy customers. A long-tail SEO case in point.

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