E-Commerce Search

E-commerce with E-Commerce Search

Inbenta E-Commerce Search gives your shoppers the gift of effortless shopping. Your search-to-cart rate will now be up to 40% higher than the industry standard because our technology understands the natural way customers ask questions. Long, short, slang, correct grammar or misspelt, our semantic search engine filters every word into categories and options like colours, sizes, prices and product numbers, which then accurately points your customers to the products and services they want.

5 E-Commerce Search highlights:

  • Happier, more loyal customers
  • More positive reviews and word of mouth
  • Increased search-to-cart and click-to-cart efficiency
  • Repeat business from the superior user experience
  • Lower support costs


No more time for keyword searches

Highly accurate on-site search is a key driver in the success of any e-commerce business. So Inbenta creates opportunities for innovative companies like yours to gain a large competitive advantage over keyword-based search websites. Our technology is multilingual and easily scalable, so we can easily replace your current search or supercharge your current e-commerce platform.

Let your customers search in their own words

Inbenta Intelligent Search uses an incomparable lexicon to interpret your customer queries and return relevant products without any meta-tagging or indexing on your part. It understands their searches and anticipates their needs, able to respond to queries with idioms, slang, synonyms, misspellings, abbreviations, units of measurement, characters, symbols, website jargon and product models, plus long tail and complex searches.

Excellent return on e-commerce investment

Get ready for more great shopper experiences and the end of high bounce rates and cart abandonments. Our AI-fueled e-commerce search is changing the industry, and will significantly boost your brand. Want proof? Check out our use case for Franklin Planner, which saw a 20% search-to-cart and 35% click-to-cart increase upon integration. Plus there’s the side-by-side electronics store keyword to Inbenta E-Commerce example below. Although the text entered into each search was different, both were targeting the same product.

The results are dramatic.