Cross Selling

E-Commerce with cross selling

Inbenta Cross Selling will take your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to the next level. When customers search for answers or ask a support agent a question, our cross selling technology creates CRO pages specific to that individual’s needs. These conversion rate optimised pages serve as a guide that includes the related products and services you want to market to them, in their next search, with built-in calls to action to learn more and buy.


5 cross selling highlights:

  • Offers customers related products to previous searches
  • Creates rich conversion rate optimised pages
  • Builds product awareness
  • Increases product sales
  • Creates high selling facts

Powerfully increase your e-commerce sales

Doing so takes more than just talent. It means having the right information at the drop of a hat. With cross selling, your e-commerce search and support and sales team will always have fresh, relevant content for website users. Conversion rate optimisation at its best.

Watch click-through and conversion rise

Every new customer search creates an opportunity for them to receive content-rich CRO pages with the important facts they need to make an informed purchase decision. And the products and services related to that content will be right in front of them. It’s as if your customers are selling to themselves.