As one of the best chatbots on the market, our online virtual assistants can answer questions, fill in forms and help customers make transactions in a conversational way.

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Many chatbots will promise the world but cannot deliver the most basic responses. There is nothing worse than knowing you are not giving your customer an answer which is readily available in your FAQs.

“55% of people polled say accuracy in understanding is the biggest challenge for chatbots.”

“One in three 18-34 year-olds want their chatbot to be more conversational.”

Only the best chatbots use artificial intelligence, NLP technology and machine learning to understand exactly what your customer is asking, no matter if slang, jargon or spelling is used. At the heart of any perfect customer interaction are an intuitive conversation, a seamless purchasing experience and no wait times. The Inbenta Chatbot recognizes conversation context, uses webhooks to perform transactions and is instantly available 24/7.

The Inbenta Chatbot can uncover the intent behind each user’s question. Instead of a long and generic answer, our chatbot will give a quick and precise response creating an intelligent conversation with the customer.

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Key features:

  • Natural language processing and understanding so your customers can ask questions in their own language
  • A well-indexed knowledge base to find answers quickly
  • A specialized lexicon for your business so your chatbot understands industry terms and abbreviations.
  • Machine learning to ensure your chatbot is constantly improving
  • Conversational ability to discuss your business
  • Integration with platforms including Facebook, Slack and Skype
  • The ability to escalate a situation to a human agent when required
  • Decision trees to discover the intent behind a customer’s query
  • Webhooks to perform transactions
  • Wide range of look and feel options to make your bot unique
  • Variables to allow your chatbot to retain customer information and understand context within conversation

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“By 2020, nearly 9 of 10 online customer interactions will be handled by a machine.”

Full list of services:


  • Can utilize webhooks to gain knowledge from outside of its knowledge base.
  • Can be used as a way to triage your customer support, deal with simple questions and gather information before handing off to a live agent.
  • Can answer questions from a knowledge base.
  • Conversational with memory to allow for deeper interaction than simple question and answer.

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