Inbenta Leadership Team

Melissa Solis


Dave Foster


Melissa Monk

Chief Commercial Officer

Jordi Torras

Chief Innovation Officer

Megan Nicholls

Chief Legal Officer

Ferran Saurina Eudaldo

Head of Client Services

Jordi Prats

Head of Technology

Genís Ureña Sierra

Head of Information Security

Clint Tenney

Head of Business Development & Workplace Culture

Lindsey Smith

Head of Credentialing and Finance Operations

Brett Petersen

Head of Global Operations & Enablement

Logan McCune

Head of People

Curtis Bise

Head of CRM Technology

Taber Hust

Head of UAT

James Hill

Global Head of

Board Members

Matt Bowman

Managing Partner, Tritium Partners — Board Member

Chris Steiner

Partner, Tritium Partners — Board Member

Merlin Bise

Board Member

Emanuele (Manny) Conti

Independent Board Member

Melissa Solis

Board Member

Jordi Torras

Board Member