With Inbenta Surveys, customers can use our analytics and ticketing tool, Backstage, to create surveys, publish them, and see the results. The system is very easy to use and also very flexible. A survey can be linked to a virtual assistant session or a live agent conversation. 

One of the most important aspects of customer support and service is to know your customer and to listen to their opinion. One of the best ways to do this is to ask them directly. Using the survey tool, your customers will share their opinion on any topic you would like to know.

Get Instant Insight about Your Customers

  • Instantly see your customer's rating of their experience
  • Discover problem areas quickly
  • Easy to create, publish and review results of your surveys
  • As an additional feature for clients that use Inbenta’s ticketing and chat solutions, they will be able to add a survey for the end user to provide feedback about the ‘human help’ experience. Our customers having virtual assistant solutions are able to have user ratings information about the complete ‘help center experience.’ So this rating goes beyond a particular FAQ rating of “Was this information helpful?”

    Inbenta surveys can also be used as a stand-alone product, to implement massive feedback collecting processes.


    This tool is great for rating:

    • The user experience after a Virtual Assistant conversation
    • The user experience after a chat conversation with a human agent


    How it Works

    Creating your own survey in the sytle that you choose is easy to do in our backend dashboard called Backstage.

    Start of design

    There are many different styles of surveys and answering options to choose from.

    Customize Your Design

    Inbenta Surveys have unique URLs so you can use surveys on your website, in emails, in your support tickets and even on social media. Before publishing a survey, you can see a live preview to make sure everything is correct.

    Once a survey is live, our clients can check real-time analytics as well as export all data into a .csv file.


    It is very easy to incorporate surveys into your user experience.

    Add it to your customer's experience

    Surveys are an incredibly powerful tool that has been very popular with our clients.