Canned Responses

Gemakkelijk te vinden, gemakkelijk te beantwoorden...

What happens when you give the power of Natural Language Technology to your contact center agents? An intelligent support email feature that fast tracks customer help desk resolutions efficiently, and congruently. Instead of scrolling through hundreds of canned responses which can take time and decrease work efficiency, we created a faster support email turn around time. With Inbenta’s Natural Language Canned Responses, your customer support team will be able to to locate the right response for a customers using a search box powered by Natural language.

Eenvoudig te begrijpen voor iedereen

  • Boost agent efficiency by 60%
  • Present standard and congruent answers
  • Promote customer satisfaction
  • Ease agent fatigue
  • Customer support agents love resolving support emails as fast as possible. A customer support center might have hundreds or thousands of almost ready-to-use answers for incoming tickets. These answers are often referred as “canned responses”. Often, the challenge for agents, is to find the right canned response at the right time, especially when the number of canned responses increases. Other canned response might not be useful in a website, due to missing information or cumbersome manual actions that must be undertaken by agents which can slow down workflow.

    Turn fast answers into immediate resolutions with Canned Responses powered by Natural Language technology. The “Canned Responses” at Inbenta system allows agents the ability to find standard answers easily for the ticketing system searching with Natural Language technology. Make your Knowledge Base flexible with our Canned Response feature, offer up-to-date answers from the FAQs which stays current with website content. Create a portal where both agents and customers can access the Knowledge Base and leverage on the FAQs but have answers customized to their specific needs.