How Will Generative AI Impact Customer Interactions?

OpenAI’s cutting-edge large language model ChatGPT has become a flashpoint for AI proponents and skeptics alike. For the business community, ChatGPT’s rise has also sparked a debate as to how Generative AI might practically be used to improve marketing, sales and customer service. Safety and compliance issues related to Generative AI have also come into focus.

Check out Inbenta’s on-demand webinar — featuring Brett Petersen, Head of Global Operations & Enablement at Inbenta, and Bradley Metrock, CEO at Project Voice and General Partner of Project Voice Capital Partners — that looks at the use cases, opportunities and risks of Generative AI on customer interactions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What is Generative AI and how does it differ from Conversational AI
  • How is Generative AI being used in core business applications today, particularly in customer-facing settings
  • What are the limitations of Generative AI
  • What compliance and safety risks does Generative AI pose to customer interactions

Webinar recording available in English only.


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