Neuro-Symbolic AI

Machine Learning? NLP? Symbolic AI?
Why not bring the best of each technology together and discover what the latest developments in CX look like!

Neuro-Symbolic AI

The future of Conversational AI
starts with a neuro-symbolic approach

Many current chatbot technologies are based on probability but lack basic common sense.
This leads to frustration amongst customers and has been the #1 issue for companies when implementing conversational AI projects.

The #2 issue is the fact current models need tons of training data in order to produce decent results.
Neuro-Symbolic AI was born as a new approach in CX technologies to merge the best of existing technologies and produce better results with less data.

Bringing transparency with explainable AI

A transparent approach to AI is key to gaining users trust.

However, most chatbots are based solely on machine learning technology and their behavior is difficult to analyze and even harder to modify (black box effect).

At Inbenta, we believe our customers need to be able to control the conversation with their clients and employees.

Our neuro-symbolic approach combines a few layers of machine learning with symbolic reasoning. With very little data, our customers can create chatbots and search experiences where results can be easily understood and modified.

Neuro-Symbolic AI glass box effect

Neuro-symbolic AI, the best of both worlds

By combining Symbolic AI and Machine Learning, Inbenta’s neuro-symbolic approach brings the best of these technologies together in order to maximize the strengths of both.

  • Neuro-Symbolic AI fast implementation time
  • Neuro-Symbolic AI short time-to-value
  • Neuro-Symbolic AI explainability
  • Fastest implementation time

    In contrast to many conversational and automation projects, yours can be up and running in no time, thanks to our patented hybrid technology that requires no training!

  • Shortest time-to-value

    Launch your conversational project in a heartbeat and get value for your bucks and return on investment in less time than you need to think about it.

  • Explainable AI

    Combine the transparency offered by symbolic reasoning to the processing power of machine learning and benefit from a powerful AI that you can understand, control and that keeps on improving over time with very little data.

Neuro-symbolic AI, the missing piece
of your self-service strategy

More and more companies are putting AI at the heart of their customer service strategy.
The capability to understand human queries at the first attempt is paramount in the quest for providing the best possible experience to customers and employees.

The neuro-symbolic approach helps businesses keep customers happy, automate the answer to repetitive queries and get results from day one.

For customer support leaders looking to automate customer service strategies while keeping high-quality support, Inbenta’s Neuro-symbolic AI is a game changer.
By understanding human requests from their first attempt, customer support teams will benefit from automating repetitive queries while delivering engaging and efficient support that will boost customer satisfaction.

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