Simpaty, SimpleTV’s chatbot with a 77% satisfaction rate

Learn how SimpleTV launched its brand and chatbot at the same time, using the tool as a branding element and a transactional and informational communication channel.

Why did SimpleTV invest in self-service?

Simple TV is a leading private company in the Venezuelan subscription TV market. It started operating in December 2020, attracting two million customers.

SimpleTV faced a real challenge. They needed to launch and develop a system that would make it easy for customers to get answers to their most frequent questions and problems 24/7 in record time and in the midst of a pandemic.

The chatbot as a communication tool for Simple TV


Simple TV had to quickly create its core registration, payments, and activation platform while providing customer services and information and guidance about the new system.
That’s why the company choose to create a chatbot to:

Introduce simple TV to users.

Publicize plans and program packages, products, and special offers.

Keep customers interested in the service.

Remove the burden of thousands of repetitive queries.


Creating Simpaty’s image, and training the team

After creating the initial version and restoring the service, SimpleTV worked to give the chatbot an image that would be identified with the brand.

Introducing Simpaty, a nod to the brand name, SimpleTV with the friendly personality they wanted to give the chatbot.

At the same time, they formed a team to be responsible for the project, manage the content and work on optimizing the results.

The success of a chatbot was partly due to technology, but also to excellent project leadership.


Turn the chatbot into a transactional tool

A year and a half after the chatbot launch, SimpleTV has decided to make the chatbot transactional as well as informational.

A transactional chatbot will enable customers to:

– Query and add to their balance.
– Check and change plans (upgrades).
– Add channel packages.
– Fix system errors.

Get information about their subscriptions.

In 2022, the goal is to make Simpaty proactive as well as transactional, using it to make progress on the path to omnichannelity.

Some project data


satisfaction rate

>2.8 million

interactions every month


of transactional sessions

Angel Quijano

Innovation and continuous improvement

“Working with Inbenta is extraordinary. Right from the start we formed an integrated working team with a common goal: to simplify and improve the customer experience. We have been improving the platform, enhancing the diversity of digital channels and transactional capacity, making our Chatbot, Simpaty, a pioneer in the region.”

Damaris Vega

Communications and digital experience

“The support we have received from Inbenta and the Inbenta Academy service has been extraordinary. They worked with technical and linguistic specialists in a practical, simple and effective way to optimise our knowledge base. As professionals, we have also gained from this immersion in the world of Artificial Intelligence.”

Yoalis Cabrera

Applications and integrations

“Inbenta’s platform is friendly and comprehensive. The technical team is made up of high-level, service-oriented, specialised talent. Its support has enabled us to develop automatic functions on Simpaty digital channels in record time and to excellent quality standards, ensuring that our customers have the best digital experience.”

Multiple solutions, one single platform

To create a truly omnichannel experience, and quality customer services, SimpleTV installed different solutions with the Inbenta platform. Combining them has enabled us to create seamless communication with customers. By April 2022, more than 64.75% of the customers had used digital channels for self-service.

Scaling up with the chatbot

SimpleTV not only implemented Inbenta’s chatbot, whose results are improving day by day but also connected it to the live chat module, which refers complex cases to agents via the same chat box, providing an easy transition between automation and personalized service.

Ticket management

They implemented the Inbenta Messenger module to combine WhatsApp contacts, web forms, ads, Telegram, and even SMS messages to handle all support requests. They also receive all social networking contacts and manage email management.


SimpleTV Helpsite, created with the Inbenta Knowledge module, is another tool that reduces the number of contacts by centralizing information and frequently asked questions on a page that is easily indexed by search engines.

Traffic and usage analytics

SimpleTV reviews activity on the platform via the Reporting API, including: number of queries, number of clicks, content assessments, number of sessions, aggregated data, etc. to optimize content and results.