Symbolic AI vs. Machine Learning

An Infographic

Symbolic AI and Machine Learning:
Decoding the Buzzwords

Symbolic AI

Most people have heard about Machine Learning, although not all of them really grasp what is it about..

However, there is another AI buzzword that’s less frequently used but solves many pains when it comes to making machines understand human language.

This is Symbolic AI, an AI field that explicit embeds human knowledge and behavior rules into computer programs.

  • But what are the actual differences between both machine learning and symbolic AI?

  • What is the scope of these AI disciplines?

  • Why is machine learning somewhat challenging for interaction applications like chatbots?

It only takes a good infographic to understand the real meaning behind these buzzwords.

Click on the image and get to know the benefits and disadvantages of machine learning and symbolic AI.

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86% of CEOs say AI is mainstream technology
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Source: pwc

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