E-commerce Search Automation


Trends, Benefits, and Best Practices
of Ecommerce Search Automation

The Era of Automation

eCommerce hasn’t escaped from the automation trend. From dynamic content to email marketing, it has proved to be a great tool for conversion.

With over 64% of people using search whenever they feel an urge to buy something, and over 40% of them turning to the search bar when they access a shopping site, there is no wonder why search needs to be as optimized as possible.

  • Are you aware of the extremely impactful role AI can play in your on-site search strategy?

  • Do you know which tools to combine to get the most conversions out of it?

  • Are you unsure of why you should even consider it?

Our infographics will show you different ways to optimize your ecommerce search and lead your customers from a search query to a completed order.

Just click on the infographics and discover what AI-based search and automation can do for your business.

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Increase up to 30% your search-to-cart conversion

Are you ready to improve your search results?

Identifying areas of improvement in your search strategy is the first step, but you might wonder how will a solution like this work and the different tools that will help you actually automate your search processes.

Inbenta’s solution based on Natural Language can answer questions and find relevant products in the blink of an eye.

If you want to know more and get a demo to really grasp its potential, we’ll be more than happy to show you.

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