Inbenta’s Customer Interaction Platform

An Infographic on how the platform works

Discover the benefits of our 4-module platform

Inbenta’s Customer Interaction Platform is a powerful tool, but how does it really work?

Deciding on whether to implement a solution to automate customer or employee support takes a lot of thinking. Such an implementation will definitely change some workflows, and you want everybody to be as happy as possible with it, don’t you?

  • But which areas you can apply it to?

  • Which channels and people will be involved?

  • What kind of technology will the platform run with?

This infographic provides an overview of Inbenta’s customer interaction platform that shows you the 4 modules of our product and how they work.

You’ll also get some details on how our technology works behind the scenes and the benefits it translates into.

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Do you need pricing?

Great. Once you’ve set out your objectives and you know Inbenta’s solution can cover those needs, you might want to know the pricing.

To provide you with pricing, we need to understand your needs, volume of requests, and other particular specificities.

Maybe you’d even like to see a live demo, or talk to one of our AI specialist to get to know the solution better.

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