How to Calculate ROI of Knowledge Management?

A Step-by-Step Infographics

An Easy Guide on How to Calculate ROI for Your Knowledge Management Solution

Knowledge is that intangible supervalue that companies use but find hard to store, manage and transfer.

It shouldn’t surprise us. Staff turnover, hard drives that fail, devices that get lost, and different sources of information, which are not always updated nor synchronized make it even harder for company employees to get access to the valid data at the right time.

All of this damages your brand and your customer satisfaction. Customer service agents struggle to deliver the best answer, sometimes because of a lack data or to misinformation. It also takes up more of their time to find the answer, leading to longer waiting times for customers, and lower efficiency in terms of the average time of resolution.

  • But are Knowledge Management Systems the answer?
  • How can you calculate the return of investment (ROI) of implementing such a solution?

  • Which are the elements and the steps to follow in order to know if it will be beneficial for your organization?

  • Are you looking for a cheat sheet that lets you really grasp the benefit?

If that’s the case, this infographic will definitely be of help.

Just click on the infographics and follow the steps.

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Inbenta’s Dynamic Knowledge Management Systems
offer a 10:1 self-service ratio

Do you need pricing?

In order to calculate your ROI with Inbenta’s Knowledge solution, you’ll need to enter the pricing data.

To provide you with pricing, we need to understand your needs, volume of requests, and other particular specificities.

Just don’t hesitate to reach out to us, because we love showing customers how they could optimize their knowledge management with Inbenta’s Knowledge solution!

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