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Ebook: How to build a
successful chatbot?

Tips, best practices and points of attention for the
deployment of a chatbot project.

Ebook: E-commerce Search Automation

Learn how implementing AI-powered, intelligent e-commerce automation can help your organization increase conversions.

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Ebook: Customer Service Automation

Discover three smart solutions that can make an impact on your AI-powered customer service automation.

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Benchmark study: Conversational AI for eCommerce

An assessment of conversational AI in eCommerce, generating a benchmark measuring the efficiency of a given conversational AI.

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Guide: How can bots strengthen your omnichannel strategy?

A 12-page guide summarizing the best practices and methodological keys for deploying one or more bot to serve your customer relations.

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Ebook: E-commerce – The Bot as a Product Advisor and Reinsurance Tool

Learn what chatbots can bring to the conversion journey.

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Ebook: How to Build an Efficient Knowledge Base

Discover the defining characteristics of a good knowledge base.

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Ebook: Tourism Industry – Assist and Convert Using Chatbots

Find out how self-service tools bring practical solutions to the actors of the tourism industry.

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Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact of Inbenta

Learn how Inbenta technology delivers 390% ROI to their enterprise customers.

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