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Inbenta Set Up Service

The Inbenta Academy Set Up Service is a support package exclusively designed to make the initial setup of our products easy and successful.

This program provides comprehensive advice for each of the different phases required to deploy our modules into production.

Knowledge base implementation

All Inbenta products are based on Natural Language Processing and Symbolic AI, so the generation of the knowledge base is very important. For this reason, Inbenta provides its clients with the basic knowledge to generate and configure a successful knowledge base.

These are the topics covered in this phase:

  • Knowledge base firsts steps: best practices to generate a knowledge base are explained
  • NLP overview: this training explains the basic concepts of the NLP of Inbenta
  • Knowledge base sample review: this knowledge base review is done by an Inbenta Knowledge Engineer who will provide suggestions and tips for improvement if required.
  • Knowledge base feedback: workshop in which the Knowledge Engineers team provides tips to our clients to improve the knowledge base
  • Import workshop: in this workshop, the Knowledge Engineers team will guide the client to perform the first import of content
  • Initial linguistic review: Once the knowledge base is imported into the Inbenta system, the Knowledge Engineers Team will perform the first linguistic review.
  • Backstage contents overview: in this session, Inbenta’s client team will be trained on how to operate with Inbenta’s platform to edit and maintain the knowledge base.
  • Conversational AI strategy: in this session, a dialogue will be set up jointly between the client and Inbenta’s Knowledge Engineers.

Technical integration

It is important that our clients understand the different integration methods of the Inbenta products suite.

For this reason, our Solutions Engineer team will offer the “Technical Integration Question & Answering” session to the technical team in charge of doing the implementation.

Messenger basic training

For those clients who want to use the Inbenta Messenger solution, a dedicated training session will be offered so that agents can start working with the Messenger tool.

Usage analysis

Once Inbenta products have been integrated and deployed to the production environment, and so get traffic from real users, it is important to analyze user behavior to improve the initial knowledge base in order to make sure the user’s questions get resolved efficiently.

These are the topics covered in this phase:

  • First log review: one week after going live, the Knowledge Engineers team will review the first statistics for any content gaps or improvements.
  • Dashboards overview: the knowledge Engineer team shows the client the essential tools available to review the logs / dashboards / reports of their contracted products.


To keep optimizing the results, it is important that improvements are made to both the knowledge base and the different linguistic tools at the client’s disposal.

These are the topics covered in this training module:

  • Fine-tuning tools: in this session, the Inbenta Knowledge Engineers team explains the basic concepts of Inbenta Lexicon App, Inbenta Learn, and Inbenta Debug Tools.