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Linguistic Quality Assurance Pack

Inbenta’s product suite provides lots of data and analytics to help users analyze the performance and perform a gap analysis to identify the missing topics in the knowledge base. 

In order to help our clients monitor performance, improve Knowledge Bases and feed dictionaries, Inbenta offers the “Linguistic Quality Assurance Pack” service that includes an 8-hour package in which our Knowledge Engineers team performs all the necessary analysis to help with improvements. This package is designed to cover one language. Our most successful customers have this pack contracted monthly.

This pack aligns with a general consultation framework which includes a four-step approach: reviewing content, strategizing content, customizing the lexicon, and performing content gap analyses.

Review and strategize content

Our Knowledge Engineers will understand the content sources, review the contents, strategize content structure, suggest best practices, and come up with an implementation plan.

This process can include:

  • Review the existing content structure
  • Review answers and restructure contents (merge contents, split contents, structure content into dialogs)
  • Optimize the content structure to improve the user experience
  • Identify use cases that can benefit from the usage of variables, workflows, or other advanced knowledge features

Customizing the Lexicon

Our Knowledge Engineers will be in charge of customizing the Lexicon based on the language found in the knowledge base and the use that users make of all the concepts.

This process can include:

  • Analysis of unknown words during content indexing
  • Disambiguation of ambiguous concepts to improve performance
  • Recognition of common mistakes made by users
  • Customize the semantics between the concepts to improve the behavior of Symbolic Artificial Intelligence

Content gap analysis

Knowledge Engineers will help you understand the performance by reviewing the self-service reports and dashboards. In addition to reports, consultants will also help perform a content gap analysis using our symbolic clustering tool and provide suggestions for reducing the gap.

The Knowledge Engineers Team will provide feedback on the use of the Learn tool for matching improvement.

This process can include:

  • Strategic use of the Learn tool
  • Reviewing user questions: reporting and continuous improvement based on dashboards and logs
  • Content gap analysis: providing suggestions for new content, based on Symbolic Clustering and Self-service dashboards