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  • Saturday 8th February 2014

    Category Tree

    Ensure Customer Support agents have fast response times with Inbenta’s Category Tree feature. This feature allows you to store your content in specific categories that are easily retrievable when agents need it the most. It optimizes and display the most popular content from any website style and speeds up content retrieval for agents.

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  • Monday 3rd November 2014

    Video Testimonial - Schlage Locks

    Megan McCluskey, from Schlage, discusses why they chose to implement Inbenta, why Natural Language Processing has been so important for their customer service and the results Schlage has seen since deployment.

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  • Friday 7th March 2014

    And the winner goes to….

    We’ve been working pretty hard with the new expansion of our company this past winter. The team has been burning the midnight oil in order to expand our Self Service, Knowledge Base and Ticketing system tools. For us, it's about ensuring that we continue to drive answers to the masses, keep our clients informed of the conversations about them in their community, and offer artificial intelligence interaction to increase customer service.

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