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Reduce handling costs & boost digital self-service.
Increase conversion and engagement rates across all channels.

AI Platform

Deliver a memorable conversational experience

Deliver a memorable conversational experience to your customers and employees, support your agents and cut costs with Inbenta’s 4-in-1 intelligent interaction automation platform:

1- Chatbot
2- AI-powered Knowledge Center
3- Enterprise Semantic Search
4- Livechat & ticketing

Benefit from our modules based on a powerful AI to answer questions from your customers and teams instantly and through their favorite channels.

  • Chatbot
    Around-the-clock support that creates meaningful conversations

    Chat instantly with your customers and employees through any channel. Guide them throughout their journey and provide them with automated answers.

  • Knowledge
    Easy to access, 24/7 answers

    Make it easier for customers to find what they need in seconds, on their own. Stop wasting time answering repetitive questions.

  • Search
    Centralized knowledge, smart search functionalities

    Help customers and employees find the information they need from your website, FAQ, workspace, and any other source based on real meaning, not specific keywords.

  • Messenger
    A human touch across all your channels.

    Don’t repeat or lose track of a conversation. Offer your agents a single tool to process requests: emails, social networks, etc. Incoming contacts are transformed into tickets. Connect it to a chatbot to escalate only relevant requests.

Relieve the stress of your support agents and cut costs

Free your agent’s time to help them focus on high-value requests.


inbound support requests


conversion rate


hours of training


decrease in AHT

We can tell you why, but we rather let them

David Harrison

Contact Center Analyst

Alterra Mountain

It’s been significantly helpful for us. It frees up our agents now who can then focus on those more complicated questions. It definitely improves our service levels.”

Elisa Moreira

Customer Service Manager

GOL Airlines

Thanks to Inbenta’s solution, we are able to update the information that we deliver to our customers in a quick and easy way, making our customer’s life easier.”

Megan McCluskey

Senior Program Manager
CX marketing and communication


Developing new and creative ways to make information more searchable for our customers and our workers was key to improving both our customer experience and internal operations.”

inbenta’s 4-module platform

A low-code solution with a powerful NLP engine

> Intuitive low-code solution that requires no technical skills.

> Easily connects with the software you already use

> Fast & seamless implementation: SDK, API, SaaS, or on-premise.

> Interaction automation platform featuring 4 modules to bring your conversational strategy to the next level: chatbot and live chat, AI-based Knowledge Center, AI-powered ticketing system, and enterprise NLP search.