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Optimize self-service with the only Conversational AI Platform with zero training

The fully automated Inbenta Customer Interaction Management Platform allows organizations to communicate, manage, and track all customer engagements. The intraoperative design of its modules enables seamless conversations across multiple channels. Start a conversation on your website and continue it on a mobile device.

Inbenta’s combination of Neuro-Symbolic AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes customer interactions across all channels more intuitive.

For leaders who want to deliver, manage and track optimal customer engagements, Inbenta´s platform provides a seamlessly integrated Conversational AI platform that combines Symbolic AI and NLP to deliver engaging conversation across devices, unlike regular Machine Learning systems.

Enhance your customer interaction management
with automation

Support your agents with automated tools so they can provide a superior customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve resolution times by freeing your agents from routine tier-1 support requests.

Increase ROI

Increase your agent’s productivity with self-service and automation tools.

Achieve CX business goals

Manage costs, meet SLAs, and optimize the experience of high-value customers.


Explainable AI – no training required

Manage all your customers’ interactions in one exhaustive, yet easy-to-use interface. From your AI chatbot and knowledge base to your intelligent search engine, the inbenta Customer Interaction Management Platform enables you to edit content, monitor performance, and perform gap analysis in one federated tool.

You’ll be able to see how AI makes decisions and why, modify its behavior, and analyze user questions and trends to improve digital self-service.

All this, without the need to train large amounts of data. Our platform is already pre-trained.

customer interaction management platform powered by AI

Inbenta’s lexicon: a unique tool

Have you ever wondered why many search engines and chatbots lack common sense?

Let’s say a user types ‘I had an accident with my Ford‘. Most AI systems need data and training to understand that ‘Ford’ simply means car in this context.

Inbenta Lexicon, a repository we’ve been developing since 2005, contains millions of lexical units and semantic relationships that enable our customers to implement functional chatbots and search engines from day one.

customer interaction management platform with a pre-existing lexicon