Leverage Inbenta’s Symbolic AI and Natural Language Processing technology to automate your customer interactions, improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Inbenta customer interactions management platform

Optimize Self-service with the only Symbolic AI-powered Customer Interaction Management Platform

The fully automated Inbenta Customer Interaction Management Platform allows organizations
to communicate, manage, and track all customer engagements. The intraoperative design
of its modules enables seamless conversations across multiple channels.
Start a conversation on your website and continue it on a mobile device.

Inbenta’s combination of Symbolic AI and Natural Language Processing
makes consumer interactions across all channels more intuitive.

Inbenta customer interactions management platform modules

Enhance the management of your customer interactions thanks to automation

Support your agents with automated tools so they can provide a superior customer experience

A unified and omnichannel platform

Manage all customer interactions across multiple channels in a single environment.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve resolution times by freeing your agents from routine tier-1 support requests.

Increase ROI

Assist your agents in being more productive thanks to self-service and automation tools.

Achieve CX business goals

Manage costs, meet SLAs, and optimize the experience of high-value customers.

Benefit of an explainable AI
that requires no training

Manage all your customers’ interactions in one exhaustive, yet easy-to-use interface. From your AI chatbot, your knowledge base to your intelligent search engine, the Inbenta Customer Interaction Management Platform enables you to edit content, monitor performance, and perform gap analysis in one federated tool.

The Inbenta Customer Interaction Management Platform enables your website visitors to quickly find answers to their most pressing questions, reducing requests that are escalated to your customer support team.

This powerful set of tools streamlines and optimizes user experience. The result is increased customer satisfaction that contributes to higher conversion rates and overall improved ROI.

While Inbenta’s Symbolic AI provides automated customer interactions without training, it increases its intelligence with every question it is asked.

Inbenta customer interactions management platform users

How can Chatbots serve
your omnichannel strategy?

Trusted by more than
250 companies globally

Join the top companies that trust Inbenta over the world and use our Customer Interaction Management Platform to maximize self-service.

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