Global Pharmaceutical Company

This Fortune 500 pharmaceutical giant was looking for a solution to help with their growing monthly chat volume. The live agents weren’t able to keep up with this increase and performance was slipping on their chat channel. They wanted to leverage a robust technology that will bring relief to their teams and integrate with their existing solutions.

Why did this Pharmaceutical Giant invest in self-service?

This pharmaceutical giant was canvassing firms for chatbots. They needed a smart chatbot with advanced Natural Language Processing technology. They also wanted to be sure that whatever technology they chose, it would need to easily integrate with existing systems.

With the increase in volume with their monthly chats, their customer service agents couldn’t keep up and overall customer service performance was slipping. Plus the agents were getting burned out.

Pharmaceutical company challenges

Relief for their staff and more time to handle complex queries

Multilingual chatbots gain customers trust

Improved performance leading to satisfied customers

Seamless integration with existing systems

The solution

The chatbot that support agents

The Inbenta solution was put in place and it seamlessly integrated with the existing telephony and Customer Relationship Management system.

Since the implementation, the customer service agents have more time to work on the more complicated requests and the chatbot now covers the volume that they before couldn’t keep up with. Customer service agents are happier, which also leads to better-served customers.

A plus that the pharmaceutical company found with the Inbenta solution is that it continuously adapts, and the iterative life cycle of training the chatbot has been seamless as well.

Feedback from the company

Senior leader of Customer Service

Global pharmaceutical company

I’m always afraid of system implementations because they seem to be never seamless, take a lot of time and cost more than you budget for. With Inbenta, the integration was absolutely seamless. We did not lose time getting the chatbot into our system. We went live in just a few months.

I’ve appreciated the ability to expand the chatbot into other languages and appreciate the idea of future expandability when we mature to that level.

Before we worked with Inbenta, when somebody went to our website and selected to chat, we saw an incredible drop-off rate because it took a long while for the live agents to get to customers. With Inbenta’s auto-routing chatbot, this drop-off rate has gone down significantly. And now customers are getting questions answered faster.

Benefits for this pharmaceutical giant

This Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company had a goal of 40% of all monthly incoming transactions to be handled by Inbenta’s chatbot. This target has been met.

The chatbot enabled them to not only take some of the burden off their live agents, but it also is doing it with a degree of fidelity that has them very confident that the answers that it is providing are truly accurate and helpful for the patient for greater customer satisfaction.

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