Intelligent Customer Service Automation

Provide superior customer experience

Make it easy for your customers to come back

Give customers quick and accurate answers across all communication channels. 

If it’s an irate customer demanding a refund, a frustrated shopper searching high and low for the perfect match, or the frantic agent typing queries into your database with no relevant answers showing up — Inbenta helps you give customers a seamless, self-service experience.

The smart service suite
that reduces customer frustration

  • Chatbot
  • Enhanced FAQ
  • Knowledge base for agents
  • Omnichannel voice+chat messenger

Get control of your CX
in 24 hours

Start giving awesome customer service across all touchpoints.

  • Ready to access
  • Offers industry tailored solutions
  • Maintains human touch

Personalize service while cutting support costs

Cut rising customer service costs and enjoy increased brand loyalty.

  • Intelligent self-service
  • Faster resolution times
  • Frees up agents for complex queries

Support your
company staff

Reduce burnout for agents, HR staff and any customer facing reps.

  • No training required
  • Real-time database access
  • Boosts CSAT and NPS

Why 250+ companies love INBENTA

“They told us that the implementation was simple and only required two lines of code to get underway. I was skeptical, but they were true to their word… We only recently deployed Inbenta – we already have proven positive results such as a 20% conversion from search to cart and 35% click to cart efficiency.

Jared Lee FC Organizational Products

We achieved retention goals of over 90%. In addition to the deployment of new services, such as “flight status” and the cross selling banner … we can also access the web reports to monitor the bot and even update content online. The company’s excellent team of professionals are engaged and committed to getting results.”

Renata Corrêa Dias Ferreira GOL Intelligent Airlines

“Creating intelligent virtual agents with Inbenta fundamentally changes the way buyers and sellers experience our brand. The technology uses conversational language, enabling customers to use their own words and phrases to answer simple questions or wait for a live human agent if it’s a more complex matter.”

Andreia Ferreira TicketBis

Dear Customer, I hear you.

Web, mobile, voice note, SM – it doesn’t matter.

Your customers are expecting always-available support and immediate solutions in different channels. Show them you’re listening with our omnichannel agents. End agent and customer exasperation. Enjoy one set of answers to track — voice and chat are all in one place.

It sounds like a bot,
talks like you.

But do you speak 35 languages?

I like scrolling through 7 pages of search results to find one suitable item. Said no one. Ever. 

Generate spot-on results and information with Inbenta Semantic Search. Improve customer satisfaction, increase search to cart revenue and boost search rankings. Just give customers better answers, faster.

It’s all about what you know.

And sometimes you’ve gotta show off…

Unlock all the internal data in your company goldmine (aka content and database) so no one has to struggle to unearth it. Organized knowledge makes it instantly accessible to provide real-time self-service for customers and support agents. Lift your resolution rates and boost CSAT scores.

“5 channels will be used on average in 2025, including the bot.”

Source: Gartner

With Inbenta you get unbelievable results


resolutions rate




accurate response rate

For Knab Bank it got way more incredible

Founded in 2012, Knab was all about the customer, not the bank. Their tagline says it all: Online bank. Human service. 

Knab partnered with Inbenta in August 2015 to make good on their promise of simple banking with the best service. 

Happy end? Knab won the Opiness Service Award in 2016!

“Inbenta from the outset, was good to us because it is an eager group that is ready to please. More importantly, they live up to their promises and have super fast communication with our team. After only two months, we noticed a sharp decline in the call-center channel, while the new online chat experience received great appreciation from both our customers and employees. The self-service ratio on our website has seen spectacular growth, which leads to deflections of traffic to our staff. ”

Don van Arem, Service Manager, Knab

“90% of Americans use customer service as a deciding factor when choosing to do business with a company.”

Source: American Express

Resolve 80% of customer support issues successfully
with no team involvement.

Serve customers up with a smooth experience
no matter their preferred channel.

Stop rising support team costs and dropping NPS scores
even with a pandemic raging.

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