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We have the right plan for your business, no matter your needs.
Whether you have multiple use cases, or you need to connect to different applications, we’ve got you covered. But don’t take our word for grante, try our Conversational AI platform for free for 14 days before committing.

Why choose Inbenta

With so many Conversational AI platforms out there, why choose Inbenta’s?
Discover the benefits of choosing the unique AI technology mix and a unique approach that needs no training to achieve great results!

Features Inbenta
Conversational AI Platform
Pre-trained model
No training of utterances required
Explainability of behavior
Integration with live chat
Out-of-the-box multilingual platform
User-friendly dialog creation
Content gap detection
Proprietary NLP technology
Multi-channel capabilities
Long-query analysis
Environment & Integrations
Hundreds of apps supported
Easy webhook creation
Integration with third-party tools

Transform your customers’ experience

Deliver a memorable conversational experience to your customers and employees, support your agents and save money with Inbenta’s intelligent interaction automation platform.


correct answer rate


hours of data training


languages available

Find the right plan for you

Help us find the right plan for your Conversational AI project and discover the benefits of working with a robust, yet flexible platform.

Inbenta Pricing FAQs

How much does a chatbot cost? Discover the pricing plans and answer all your questions regarding Inbenta’s Conversational AI Platform.

Yes, you can try the platform for free for 14 days. If you want, we’ll provide you with a free, personalized 30-minutes onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.
Pricing is based on the number of interactions, use cases, connected apps and integrations you need. We analyze your use case and volume to provide you with the most appropriate pricing.
Subscriptions are generally paid annually. You will receive your invoice via email to an address of your choice.
Any subscription to our services comes with access to our Help Center. You will find in there detailed information and step-by-step processes to guide you through the platform. Additionally, you can subscribe to a training plan to onboard users to the platform and get help from our developer and linguist teams to set up and optimize the tool.
We can set up different modules for you, from chatbot to live chat, knowledge and search and interconnect some of the modules to provide you with the most complete Conversational AI platform. Pricing will be based on the number of modules/use cases, as well as number of monthly interactions and connected apps.
Plans are annual. If you want to upgrade, however, you just need to contact your account manager and they’ll help you upgrade to a new plan to include more use cases, apps, or increase the number of interactions.
At Inbenta, we take security very seriously. We hold a large number of security ISO standards and certifications protecting us from vulnerabilities, intrusions and security incidents. You can see the full list of certifications here.
We consider an interaction aka. session as a defined period of time during which a user or a system interacts with Inbenta modules. It usually includes inputs (entering a query in a field, clicking on the search button, clicking on a result…) and answers (what system messages were sent, what results were displayed or rejected…). These are tracked under a common reference called session id.
Our pricing is mainly based on interactions, apps and use cases. Therefore, there are no user limits on the plans.
If you were using a trial version that has expired, please reach out to our sales team. You’ll be able to discuss your needs and they’ll be able to assist you and guide you through the next steps.

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