GOL Airlines Case Study

GOL Airlines needed to relieve the pressure on their call centre, to improve customer satisfaction and to automate the simple queries that their agents were receiving. They turned to Inbenta to help them achieve these goals.

Project overview

GOL Airlines is a Brazilian airline company that has been in operation since 2001. Today, they are one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world and they serve the most passengers in Brazil, operating around 900 flights every day.

They were also pioneers in launching the first mobile check-in service, providing mobile geolocation services to their passengers, and designing a website featuring accessibility resources to assist people with visual and motor impairments.

Around 2.5 million travelers use the GOL website to find answers to their questions every month. The airline initially used conventional channels (in person, email and telephone) to deal with those requests, that can range from assistance with checking-in, to purchasing tickets or finding out about luggage restrictions.

GOL was looking for a way to improve their customer experience, and to reduce waiting time in their contact center. They also wanted to automate some of the simple and repetitive questions that their agents receive, usually questions whose answers are on their website, but that customers can’t find easily.

They had a feeling that a chatbot could handle those questions, and enable their customer service representatives to focus on more challenging queries, the ones that are critical and that need a human interaction in order to solve a specific issue.

GOL Airlines challenges

Reduce waiting time

in their contact center

Improve customer experience

by automating simple questions

More time for agents

to answer complex queries

The solution

GOL turned to Inbenta to revolutionize its service and resolve customer queries before they became problems. When analyzing the situation, Inbenta recognized that the treatment of support requests on the various channels was putting a significant pressure on staff and resources.

To address these concerns, Inbenta created a customer service chatbot called Gal on its website. Gal uses Inbenta’s Symbolic AI platform to offer GOL customers support 24/7. Today, GAL handles approximately ⅓ of the whole enquiries received by GOL and has an impressive retention rate of 85%. Customer satisfaction has increased ang Gal keeps on learning and improving every day, freeing time for agents to focus on more complex queries.

In 2020, GOL chatbot received

895,000 queries

and handled

90% of interactions

on its own.

New developments to face the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic deeply impacted the tourism industry and the number of people trying to reach GOL’s call centre sky-rocketed. So they had to think outside the box again in order to find a solution to this new problem.

The airline already used WhatsApp, a very popular channel in Brazil, for customers to get in touch with a human agent, and after discussing it with Inbenta, they decided to implement Gal on WhatsApp, along with other functionalities such as online check-in, booking management, flight status and time information, baggage information, special assistance, and seat selection.

Automating this channel was a way for GOL to relieve pressure on its call centre, but also to avoid as much as possible queues and physical contact at the airport. It enabled the company to quickly update information available on Gal, so that their customers would always get the latest updates following COVID-19 related changes.

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Deploying Gal on WhatsApp, as well as check-in and other functionalities, has helped thousands of customers seeking information and that couldn’t reach the airline’s call center, especially the ones departing in a short timeframe, within the next hour or the next day. Thanks to this new channel and by enabling notifications, customers are now able to find answers to their questions, manage their reservation by canceling or rebooking flights to another day.

Today, approximately 35% of customers finalize their check-in process through WhatsApp, which is a very good result for us. Among those customers, 90% say that it’s a very good or excellent service, and we’re obviously very happy with that result.”

Elisa Moreira
Customer Service Manager at GOL

As for Gal on WhatsApp, its retention rate is 57%, which is lower than on the website because half of customers using this channel have an issue that is critical and needs escalation to a human agent.

Working with Inbenta

“Thanks to Inbenta’s solution, we are able to update the information that we deliver to our customers in a quick and easy way, making our customer’s life easier. The solution is very user-friendly, and our team can go in there and update content in a matter of minutes, without having to rely on Inbenta for help.

The relationship with Inbenta is really good and we get a lot of support from the team there. We have weekly meetings during which the Inbenta customer service support give us some recommendations on how we could improve our content, how we could do things better or differently. They also bring some ideas, some innovations’ ideas that we can use, which is very helpful.

Finally, the dashboards give us a lot of information. They allow us to identify some errors or issues on our website and enable us to notify other teams about it, or to challenge them on how we could do things better.”

Elisa Moreira
Customer Service Manager at GOL

Future Developments

Based on these successes, the focus for the future of the airline is to keep on improving its self-service options to serve its customers even more efficiently.

“We’re already talking to Inbenta, and we should implement something in the next year or so for GOL, as well as for Gal”, says Elisa Moreira.

They are looking into new technologies, such as voice solutions, and planning on enabling their users to do even more on their own, no matter which channel they use, thanks to automation. A win-win situation for both the company and its customers.

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