Social Media

Social Media

Social media ticketing instantly transforms messages from social networks, online forums and consumer sites into an open ticket for your support team. With this highly responsive feature, you can quickly and easily reach out to all your customers across social media channels, while providing invaluable marketing data.

Case Management Highlights

  • Inbenta's powerful email management and analytics can automate email routing and processing for faster response rates and greater efficiency
  • Integrated ticketing and chat solution for maximum flexibility and accuracy
  • Full access to the Knowledge Base for easy reference and issue resolution
  • Be highly responsive and reach out to your customers with social media integration
  • Semantic clustering groups comments and messages across your social media landscape for immediate feedback
  • Obtain detailed usage and performance analytics of your agents' productivity to optimize your workflows accordingly
  • Advanced categorization filters to organize your tickets more efficiently and accurately

We have integrated our semantic search engine with the world’s most popular social network platforms. Together with NLP and predefined responses, you can seamlessly manage the large volume of messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc. and turn them into sources for reaching out to more customers in their shopping journey.

Built-in semantic clustering extracts hundreds of thousands of related comments and groups them by meaning, so you will always know what is happening across your entire social media landscape. In particular, the clusters focus on quality of customer service, performance of your delivery system, product and service prices and feedback from your marketing campaigns.