Smart Answering

Smart Answering

Very few tickets are alike. Most have details and levels of complexity that require time and energy to organize before they are put in queue. Inbenta Case Management offers a wide array of categorization filters that you can set up to create specific sorting options for your support agents.

Case Management Highlights

  • Inbenta's powerful email management and analytics can automate email routing and processing for faster response rates and greater efficiency
  • Integrated ticketing and chat solution for maximum flexibility and accuracy
  • Full access to the Knowledge Base for easy reference and issue resolution
  • Be highly responsive and reach out to your customers with social media integration
  • Semantic clustering groups comments and messages across your social media landscape for immediate feedback
  • Obtain detailed usage and performance analytics of your agents' productivity to optimize your workflows accordingly
  • Advanced categorization filters to organize your tickets more efficiently and accurately

You can set automatic checks to detect certain types of behaviors or emails automatically. For example, you can classify a given email address as a VIP client to flag tickets issued by this address as such. You can use sentiment analysis, a powerful tool that instantly categorizes everything as positive, negative or neutral, and take action as it happens.

Inbenta Case Management can analyze the content of a ticket and provide a series of possible answers from the Knowledge Base’s FAQs, so that agents can respond quickly and with the appropriate information. However, you always remain in control: tickets are not answered automatically; the system makes suggestions and agents then decide whether to use these suggestions in their reply or not. No more unresolved tickets sitting in queue for hours on end: for customers, this means very short wait times, faster agent response and a great self-service experience.