Priority Classification

No ticket is too complex

In customer support, not all emails are equal. Some can be common and easy to answer. Others can have multiple questions requiring more than one person to answer. We have discovered the challenge comes from the ticket classification process. With our dynamic multi-screen setup, Inbenta gives agents the power to classify tickets to the right department for resolution while tracking, documenting and reporting progress of workflow.

Organize, Prioritize, Answer

  • Save call center agents time
  • Easily classify incoming tickets
  • Automatic classification set-up
  • Dynamic classification allows agent to disposition quickly

Empower your agents: give them a smart email software tool to handle complex support emails. Support emails can be time-draining and tedious. Most agents have to assess, accurately classify, and prioritize multiple questions in a ticket. Give agents the power to resolve incident/requests with an easy-to-use UI which allows you to categorizes and designate incoming tickets by cause of request and method used to solve.

Lets, make your help desk center diligent, flexible, organized and able to answer all support emails. With Inbenta’s Ticket Dispositioning you can efficiently designate support emails to more than one support center department. Build out your list of dispositions as much as you want. We also offer filters to easily locate and isolate the ones you want.

Enhancing agents decision making power is what we’re about. To strengthen their decision making process of what to answer first we give them the ability to organize customers emails by urgency of resolution, priority of the incident/request, and predefined resolution destinations.

Track and enhance how you engage your audience. Easily document and report incidents with ticket dispositioning’s multi-tier, and hierarchical ticketing classification set-up.




Support emails, sales leads, or job resumes. It doesn’t matter what you want to support you can direct them to wherever and whoever should receive them. Create different classification schemes for flexible categorization of incoming issues and the corresponding workflow. No matter what type of support email it is give agents the ease and ability to the customer support workflows and actions within the company.