Inbenta’s AI-fueled natural language processing gives chat the intuitive, highly responsive capabilities it needs to launch a Hyperchat box automatically. When a visitor spends a lot of time clicking and typing on a web page, without finding what they need, your live agents can instantly engage that customer or prospect, to provide the right answers, faster.

Case Management Highlights

  • Inbenta's powerful email management and analytics can automate email routing and processing for faster response rates and greater efficiency
  • Integrated ticketing and chat solution for maximum flexibility and accuracy
  • Full access to the Knowledge Base for easy reference and issue resolution
  • Be highly responsive and reach out to your customers with social media integration
  • Semantic clustering groups comments and messages across your social media landscape for immediate feedback
  • Obtain detailed usage and performance analytics of your agents' productivity to optimize your workflows accordingly
  • Advanced categorization filters to organize your tickets more efficiently and accurately

Integrate ticketing with Hyperchat and your support center staff will have greater flexibility to answer customer questions faster and more accurately. Not only does this cut down on the need for email responses, which are often slower, it will also result in better outcomes, which enhances the overall customer experience.

Now your agents can quickly access your website Knowledge Base, and Hyperchat is integrated with this powerful analytics management portal and ticketing system. This creates a better agent experience that allows them to convert conversations to emails. No more need to swap tools, applications or screens, mid-sentence. Fluid and seamless, as it should be.