Support ticketing with community FAQs

Give your customers Inbenta Community FAQs so they know their opinions are valued. By having a place on your website where they can share their feedback, you instantly enhance your brand equity and increase brand loyalty. It’ll show your customers you really care what they think.

4 community FAQs highlights:

  • Create a community forum for your customers
  • Easily manage customer comments on FAQs
  • Encourage honest product and service feedback
  • Grow brand equity and brand loyalty

Your customers are your business

In a world where your customer reviews and word of mouth make a huge impact on businesses, Inbenta’s Community FAQs is a support ticketing feature for them to also voice their opinions simply by adding a comment to an FAQ. And the great thing about it — the community is a breeze to manage.

Introducing Backstage analytics

Each of our clients can now integrate community conversation threads into their FAQs through this Inbenta cloud-based web portal, which is a breeze to moderate. You can also leave it unmoderated, with very little training involved and no IT support necessary, as each comment will instantly post to your website (and is just as easily removed by you).

Community FAQs in action.

A customer comments on a link that’s been provided by the website.

Through Backstage Analytics, our client easily sees the conversation and responds to the comment while moderating other new posts.

Your moderators can quickly and easily enter their official answer to the conversation, simply by entering their response in Backstage Analytics.

Once published, the answer your moderator types will clearly be marked as the official answer for the community to read.

Invite your customers to become a part of your online experience. Integrating community FAQs is a cinch. Become an Inbenta client, and we’ll add it free.