Semantic Search

Semantic Search

How intelligent is your search engine? Inbenta Search is forward thinking because it understands natural language, which delivers faster, more accurate results. Multilingual and highly scalable, our platform incorporates the latest in NLP technology and the meaning-text theory (MTT), which can be customized to your company’s needs. The result is a search engine that is powerful and intelligent beyond anything you or your customers have experienced.

Search Highlights

  • Smart and scalable multi-lingual platform with the latest Natural Language Processing Technologies
  • Streamline your Support workflow: lower number of support emails, lower response times, increased customer satisfaction
  • Search feeds that support multiple file formats and third-party platforms for maximum leverage
  • Flexible and wholly customizable UI options
  • Seamless multi-source search and advanced filtering options that allow visitors to pinpoint the most relevant results
  • Powerful E-commerce options to increase conversions and attract repeat customers
  • Advanced semantic identification and conversion of fuzzy meanings, negations and units of measure into meaningful results

If you want to drastically reduce or eliminate your customer wait times and increase the speed of support team responses, our semantic search engine will cut down on response times and decrease the number of support emails. How? Inbenta’s powerful technology comprehends the intent behind customers’ questions, so it will deliver more accurate, relevant answers without live agent intervention.

Our intelligent search engine intuitively creates a personalized online experience that is unsurpassed when connected with our other self-service features. Designed to be integrated quickly, we can scale and deploy it on most enterprise architectures. Whether we employ instant answers or build a 24/7 virtual concierge for your website, you get to decide how your customers consume your content and experience your brand.