Flexible User Interface (UI) Options

Flexible User Interface (UI) Options

Every company has its own branding guidelines and UI/UX preferences. This is why we give you the power to customize the look and feel of your search experiences to fit your needs across the user journey, and provide you with a variety of tried and tested search UI options that can be deployed in seconds.

Search Highlights

  • Smart and scalable multi-lingual platform with the latest Natural Language Processing Technologies
  • Streamline your Support workflow: lower number of support emails, lower response times, increased customer satisfaction
  • Search feeds that support multiple file formats and third-party platforms for maximum leverage
  • Flexible and wholly customizable UI options
  • Seamless multi-source search and advanced filtering options that allow visitors to pinpoint the most relevant results
  • Powerful E-commerce options to increase conversions and attract repeat customers
  • Advanced semantic identification and conversion of fuzzy meanings, negations and units of measure into meaningful results

From modern looking search bars for your website and support site, to floating widgets and icons, to expandable side panels, you can enable responsive AI-powered NLP search elements in any web page, mobile browser or mobile application.

We also provide Deflection Tools templates that you can leverage in the contact form submission flow, to solve user issues on the spot and deflect the submission of a support ticket. Instant Answers can be enabled on any contact form field and dynamically suggest potential answers to the user as they are typing their issue. Last Chance Lightbox triggers a modal popup of relevant answers as one final attempt to solve a user’s issue prior to submitting a contact form.