Content Digest

Content Digest

All your answers are stored in a Knowledge Base (KB), which can hold any information you need in a variety of formats. Each piece of information becomes a “content item”, which is the answer you give to users’ searches.

Search Highlights

  • Smart and scalable multi-lingual platform with the latest Natural Language Processing Technologies
  • Streamline your Support workflow: lower number of support emails, lower response times, increased customer satisfaction
  • Search feeds that support multiple file formats and third-party platforms for maximum leverage
  • Flexible and wholly customizable UI options
  • Seamless multi-source search and advanced filtering options that allow visitors to pinpoint the most relevant results
  • Powerful E-commerce options to increase conversions and attract repeat customers
  • Advanced semantic identification and conversion of fuzzy meanings, negations and units of measure into meaningful results

To build the KB, our application can recognize, parse and store multiple file formats (HTML, PDF, etc.). If you use third-party platforms such as Zendesk and Salesforce, you can also integrate them in order to leverage all your assets from a single, practical location. And if a connector does not exist for a specific platform, a convenient JSON file conversion option is available to fit any kind of external source into the search engine.

After you import these feeds for the first time, you can program or schedule maintenance tasks to keep crawling them at regular intervals and keep your KB up to date.