Search with autocomplete

Inbenta Autocomplete helps your search engine finish customers’ sentences instantaneously, as they type in their search request. It’s a bit of magic which gives your search engine the ability to predict people’s questions, making it the fastest method of answer search-and-retrieval there is. The result of these highly intuitive responses is more customers having a web experience with zero wait times.

3 highlights of autocomplete:

  • Anticipates a user question by predicting it as they type
  • Provides the fastest answer delivery possible
  • Maximizes search relevancy

Customers get results instantly with autocomplete

Based on keystrokes, autocomplete pulls results from your knowledge base when partial words are entered into the search box. Inbenta Search intuitively anticipates and better understands potential answers with each keystroke, ultimately enhancing your website’s ability to know what your community is looking for.

More deflection, fewer tickets, happy communities

Immediate answers at user’s fingertips mean fewer support ticket submissions and higher deflection rates. In fact, we’ve seen autocomplete power 8% to 12% of the total clicks in search results, which tells us it can feed the hungry appetite of an engaged audience.