Enterprise Search with Backstage Analytics

With more than 300,000 support tickets and a self-service rate over 90%, one thing is clear — Backstage Analytics helps our clients grow their reputation for fast, accurate responses to visitor questions.

7 ways Backstage Analytics tracks search interactions:

  • Search: All the answers searched using our Enterprise Search Engine
  • Found: All the answers found using our Enterprise Search Engine
  • Not Found: All the answers not found using our Enterprise Search Engine
  • Contact: Number of people who chose to contact customer service
  • Deflected: Number of people given answers through our search technology
  • Tickets: Actual number of support tickets customer agents engage in
  • Clustering: Unanswered questions that are aggregated to build more answers and increase self-service rates

Now you can customize your analytics and interact with your communities’ conversations

Backstage Analytics can help increase your conversions by knowing, answering, and offering what your community wants. You’ll learn how your customers’ questions affect their buying decisions with great tools that can:

• reach out and capitalize instantly on what people search
• get a deeper sense of how accessible and effective your content is
• track where and what people are saying to deliver more targeted campaigns
• reduce redundant questions over time so you can increase sales conversion

Dive deeper to create desired search outcomes

You’ll understand customer behavior better than ever with a self-service system that eliminates high ticket traffic and tracks what people in your online communities want. Through backstage analytics’ connection to our award-winning semantic search engine, you’ll have the data to:

• track what your visitors search and ask
• learn what interests affect their questions
• understand how your knowledge base is being accessed by customers and support agents

Dig into the evolution of user performance

Create custom backstage analytics profiles that are linked to self-service pages to focus on the number of clicks and their origins, content with the highest click rates and any news linked to your site. From there, you’ll be able to overlay these rich data points over the ratio of customer questions, answers and clicks across timelines.

Learn what visitors aren’t finding on your site

You’ll have the power to create even more effective marketing and content strategies by knowing, in real time, how effective your content is. It’ll be fresh knowledge about customers that’ll help you achieve 90% accuracy in self-service ticketing, hone in on ticket session response times and find out what unanswered questions need to be created to improve performance.

Good customer support isn’t in the features, it’s in the answers.

It all comes down to how well those answers are searched for and found by your search solution. With Backstage Analytics, our clients consistently increased the number of deflected tickets and happy customers. The more questions asked the more our system is able to learn what matters to your customers. Which is why Inbenta leads the industry in giving people what they want — no wait times on any ticket.