Help Sites

Help Sites

Do you need a dedicated Help Site but do not have one yet? Inbenta’s Knowledge Management solution can solve this for you, with minimal input and the push of a button.

Knowledge Highlights

  • Advanced CMS integrating Inbenta's AI-powered Semantic Search engine
  • Automated content publication and withdrawals and sleek related content connections
  • Modular, multi-platform delivery system for results adapted to their target platform
  • Powerful deflection tools to assist visitors even as they fill in contact forms
  • Gap discovery tools that analyze contents and traffic to detect and suggest potential areas of improvement
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Help Site builder
  • Long-tail SEO features that lead users directly to their desired content

When your KM instance is created, it generates a subdomain that points to a centralized code in Inbenta’s system. This code initiates our SDK and creates a default implementation with generic sections for Header, Footer and anything else required. Simply log in to your Backstage and customize this HTML to create one or several Help pages. You can customize these pages with your own CSS styles, JS scripts, fonts or other assets, either by uploading them or by creating a link, and have different layouts for each page.

When you save your work, you can test it before publishing it to a live environment. The power of Inbenta in a complete Help Site, in just a few clicks!