Inbenta’s Discovery tool is a layer of the Knowledge Base that helps you optimize your content and the level of service that you offer your customers. It takes usage reports and analytics to measure them against your Knowledge Base, in order to detect and flag potential gaps in your content.

Knowledge Highlights

  • Advanced CMS integrating Inbenta's AI-powered Semantic Search engine
  • Automated content publication and withdrawals and sleek related content connections
  • Modular, multi-platform delivery system for results adapted to their target platform
  • Powerful deflection tools to assist visitors even as they fill in contact forms
  • Gap discovery tools that analyze contents and traffic to detect and suggest potential areas of improvement
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Help Site builder
  • Long-tail SEO features that lead users directly to their desired content

For example, it might detect that users interested in entertainment for international flights often request information about games, but that there are no matching results because your Knowledge Base covers movies and music: it will flag this for review and prompt you to create the missing content if necessary.

This is only a simple example to illustrate what Inbenta’s Knowledge Manager does behind the scenes. The actual end-user queries that we typically encounter can be much more complex! Using the data from our analytics tool, you will be able to continually refine your Knowledge Base based on your customers’ behavior and set new market strategies to deliver customer satisfaction.