Deflection Tools

Deflection Tools

Inbenta’s Knowledge Management solution goes further than just providing a list of results. It is equipped with deflection tools that go the extra mile to try and solve your visitors’ issues without resorting to submitting a ticket to your support system.

Knowledge Highlights

  • Advanced CMS integrating Inbenta's AI-powered Semantic Search engine
  • Automated content publication and withdrawals and sleek related content connections
  • Modular, multi-platform delivery system for results adapted to their target platform
  • Powerful deflection tools to assist visitors even as they fill in contact forms
  • Gap discovery tools that analyze contents and traffic to detect and suggest potential areas of improvement
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Help Site builder
  • Long-tail SEO features that lead users directly to their desired content

An issue is deflected when a visitor fills in a contact form for submission, but does not eventually submit it, because Inbenta presents them with the information they were looking for through a list of content before they complete the process. For example, they would click on the “Contact Us” option, open the contact form and fill in the details. As they do so, Inbenta delivers a list of contents in a pop-up box that successfully answers the user’s query. As a consequence, they no longer need to submit the contact form.

This powerful technology comprehends the intent behind customers’ questions, so it will always present more accurate, relevant answers without live agent intervention. This drastically reduces, or even eliminates customer wait times and increases the speed of support team responses by decreasing the number of support emails. And because every company has its own branding guidelines and UI/UX preferences, we give you the power to customize the look and feel of your search experiences and provide you with a variety of tried and tested search UI options that can be deployed in seconds.